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Matt Smith for House District 30

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

Since my radio show was cancelled I have been considering my next steps. Many people have been asking if I would do a podcast exclusively. the answer is Yes! it's in the works and I believe I have a studio so I can engage with those who know what is going on locally and state wide.
BUT, for right now, I have decided to run for SD House District 30. support me in any way you can as we work together to oust the RINOs in the SD Legislature.

Friday Feb 02, 2024

Brain Implants, Bud Light, Canadian Death Cults mixed in with the worst comedy Forums a person can perform in is the first Hour with Kevin Bennett and we laugh all the way.
Second hour we let Yuri Bezmenov speak from the past, 40 years ago actually and it still amazes us how accurate he was. Kevin and I unpack the wack!

Friday Feb 02, 2024

Ed Fischbach from South Dakotans First joins me via phone call in the Straight Up Studio to bring us up to date on the Summit Carbon Solutions Love Letter Bills designed to take away our property rights and give unmitigated access to our property. 

Wednesday Jan 31, 2024

Taffy Howard and Tonchi Weaver bring up bills that are being voted on now in the swamp that is Pierre. Ultimately, the bad bills being introduced in the SD Legislature is because the wrong people are in Pierre.
Then Jordan Mason comes into the Straight Up Studio and talks about SD Sec. of State Monae Johnson and SB17 a bill that allows easy voting in SD which means fair elections are over in SD. SOS Monae Johnson is not doing what she said she would do when she ran for office. Actually, it's the exact opposite!

Friday Jan 26, 2024

Todd Watkins, Retired U.S. Border Patrol Assistant Chief joins the Matt via phone call in the Straight Up Studio to give insight into the border issue as it stands after the SCOTUS decision.
As Texas goes, so does the nation. is this the beginning of a Civil War? Will Biden actually push on this issue?
We don't have any clear answers, but one thing is clear the border is heating up and Biden will look inept whatever happens.

Friday Jan 26, 2024

Trump wins NH, Nikki Haley comes up short and still won't bail out.
The Border is under attack with a lame ruling from the SCOTUS.... We talk about what this implication means.
Don't fart on an American Airlines Jet or else....

Wednesday Jan 24, 2024

In this riveting episode of "Straight Up with Matt Smith," the spotlight shines on guests Taffy Howard and Tanchi Weaver as they unpack the complexities of recent political events and local bills, particularly those related to marijuana and gun ownership. They critically analyse State Bills 1024 and 1036, and the potential implications for medical marijuana cardholders who could lose their rights to gun ownership. This episode offers a unique perspective on the ongoing challenges and realities tied to changing legislation.The discussion doesn't stop there. The guests also probe into the politics surrounding the usage of Mickelson Trail, the public impact, and the level of government consideration towards its constituents. In a blend of light humour and hard-hitting facts, this unforgettable episode narrows its focus on firearm ownership regulations, apportionment bills, legislative vacancies, and more.Moving towards society's issues, this episode takes a deep dive into the homelessness crisis, exploring whether its root lies in a lack of housing or is fundamentally linked to addiction. Utilising stories and insights from Riverton, Wyoming as a case study, Matt and his guests dissect various dimensions of homelessness, emphasizing the importance of addressing the core of the problem.Furthermore, the dialogue explores societal realities behind addiction and self-destructive behaviors and the potential measures and changes needed at the individual and societal level. Pointing out the need for a stronger police presence to deter disruptive behaviors and ensure public cleanliness, the episode also spotlights Mike Fell's investigative series, 'Step Up Riverton', probing federal policies and their impacts on the Native American community.Finally, the host shares his perspective on government roles, socialism impacts, the political climate in the United States, alleged electoral fraud during the 2020 Elections, and his forecast for the next presidential election. This episode is a must for anyone keen on gaining deeper insights into politics, societal issues, and the delicate interplay between them.

Monday Jan 22, 2024

First Hour Ed Manzano comes into the Straight Up Studio and he shares the with us the Black Hills heroes for January from the Black Hill War Monument. We talk about whether or not our men and women are actually fighting for freedom. But they did serve their country.
Second Hour: Tonchi and Bill Freytag shar with us what is behind the water rate increase. It's not just for the water, it's an increase on all things related to the water. They lay out their case to get this put on a ballot to let the voters decide.

Monday Jan 22, 2024

Kevin and I dive into the current events of the day talking about Trump in Iowa, Nikki Haley and Trannies.
We go all over the place, and we cover a lot of ground laughing all the way!

Wednesday Jan 17, 2024

Taffy and Tonchi are in the Straight Up Studio, and it's been a full week since the SD State Legislature has been in session, we go over some bills being heard in both the House and Senate. We break them down and then talk about what happened in Iowa.
Second hour Matt goes into the idiocy that is our government. 


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